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Alan, at the Red Lion Pottery, produces beautifully crafted pottery with some unique shapes based on traditional wares, using his own glazes to enhance the finished piece. Service is excellent - pots are well packed, sent very quickly and the communication is always friendly and helpful. 

I.F Hants.  Feb 2015

A beautiful range of of hand made pottery with delightful effects from the use of ash glazes over coloured slips in the decoration of varoius pieces. The wedding cogs in particular are very special, and have a history behind their making.

I.F Hants.  Dec 2015

So far I have bought two lovely items from Alan (a yunomi and a moon jar) both with well-controlled blue drip glazes. I'm very pleased with them and will watch out for more interesting items.

S.C Bucks.  Feb 2015

I just wanted to say that I love the bowl. It is even better in the hand than in a photo. I haven't got anything with quite that richness of red and then the even deeper red splashes. I had intended to give it as an Xmas present but now I'm going to keep it and give something else!

S.C Bucks.  Dec 2015

The Chawan arrived safely and I am amazed. It is truly fantastic. I love it very much and it will be an excellent addition to my collection of tea bowls. I can report that Cao Ila Distillers edition tastes very fine from the Chawan.

JW. Cheshire, Dec 2015 

The tea bowl arrived from England in perfect shape.  The bowl is beautiful. I can't stop looking at it and seeing new things. I particularly like the iron glaze dribbling into rust. I would say the bowl has the look of artless artistry. 

S.D. Pittsburgh, USA Mar 2016

This beauty you sent me. I like that it is robust and yet not too heavy. The ash glazes and slips are really nice.  Love the drips. Love the shape.  I especially like all the looseness in the form yet a well-turned foot. 

J.V. California, USA Sept 2017


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