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Red Lion Pottery

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The Pottery & Showroom

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Rampant Lion plaque 2006. In wall of pottery.

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Making a pinched tea bowl.

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The Showroom.

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My mark

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The pottery was set up by me in 2006. 

Prior to this I worked as a General Practitioner but I had an interest in ceramics from an early age probably generated by the BBC interlude film "The Potter's Wheel' shown during the 1950' and 1960s. 

My first real introduction to making pots was in evening classes during my early 20's but I didn't train seriously until much later following early retirement in 2002. At this point I studied for a City & Guilds in ceramics and then a diploma at Derby University. Since then I have attended numerous workshops and masterclasses with well known and distinguished British and Japanese potters, all of whom have significantly influenced me.

Inspired by the natural world and oriental culture, I make individual, thrown, functional and decorative pieces. Influenced particularly by Japanese potters, I also create hand-built and carved pieces. 

I work in stoneware and fire in either a gas or combined gas & wood-fired kiln.

Glazes are based on traditional oriental recipes and usually incorporate local wood ashes. The combination of natural ash and the raw flame produce new and exciting effects with each firing.

Alan Birchall

Curriculum Vitae  

2002-06 City & Guilds Certificate & Diploma in Ceramics

2004-06 University of Derby LTW Diploma in Ceramics

2003-4 Short courses in Chinese calligraphy and painting

2005  Two week workshop with Japanese master, Matsuzaki Ken

2006  Two week workshop with David & Margaret Frith

2007  Wood-fired Kiln Building & Firing Workshop with Nic Collins

2010  One week Masterclass workshop with Lisa Hammond and Japanese potters Shozo Michikawa & Rizu Takahashi

2011 Japanese Contemporary Ceramics Masterclass and weekend workshop at Whichford Pottery

2014 Masterclass with Elizabeth Cohen in Singapore


2006 Summer Exhibition ‘Where I Fell in Love’ Gallery, Shipston on Stour

2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2014 x 2  Joint exhibitions at The Gallery Upstairs, Henley in Arden

2007, 2009, 2011 University of Nottingham Summer Exhibition , Djanogly Gallery

2010 Joint exhibition as ‘Earthworks’ (5 potters) in Buxton Festival Art Trail

2010 Solo exhibition at Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough

2011 Joint exhibition as ‘Earthworks’ (7 potters) at Arkwright’s Mill, Cromford

2011 Bakers Dozen Exhibition at The Roundhouse Gallery, Foston, Derbyshire

2012 Winter exhibition at The Found Gallery, Dunbar, Scotland 

2013 International Chawan Expo, Taiwan

2014 International Chawan Expo, Singapore. Gave presentation and deomonstrations.

2015 International Chawan Expo, Belgium

2016 International Chawan Expo, Taiwan

Ceramic Fairs, Festivals & Open Studios

2006-2017 Open Studios at Red Lion Pottery

2008 Ceramics in the Round, Buxton

2009 Ceramics in the Round, Buxton; 'Hotpots', Belvoir 

2009, 2017 Earth & Fire, Rufford

2008 - 2016 Various Potfest fairs

2011, 2012 British Craft Trade Fair

2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 Lady Bay Arts Festival

2013 Derbyshire Food & Craft Fair; Melbourne Festival

2015, 2016 Melbourne Festival

2016, 2017 Sheffield Ceramic Festival

2016, 2017 Ceramics in Southwell

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